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If you’re not listing properly and optimizing your website for local search, it’s not being seen. 

Epoch Digital provides the quickest, most effective local search optimization in the Denver Metro, at a price that doesn’t eat up your budget. 

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Epoch Digital stays away from all scammy practices, including our interactions with you. We build relationships and strong digital presence. We don’t have a “special sauce” or “proprietary method.” We do what decades of experience have taught us works.

Improve your sales process

When you optimize your site, you make your website your best salesperson. Think about it…what if you found a salesperson who would work for 5% of the average sales salary, could get in front of prospects when and where they were looking for you, never asked for a raise, and never slept? That’s what your website could be.

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Project Management, Client Relations, Agency Operations

Mike ito

Mike has been working in agency operations

and management for more than a decade.

After seeing the power of good marketing

while serving in public and community affairs

in the United States Marine Corps, it became

his mission spread the ability to properly

position an organization to small-business


“I founded Epoch Digital because there are

too many small business owners and nonprofit

executives using services they don’t

understand, and platforms that aren’t



You should always know what’s going on in

your organization, and have the ability to

accurately assess the success and

measurability of any digital pursuit.”

Website Optimization, Marketing Campaigns, Digital Strategy

ryan darling

Ryan has been building effective and results-driven

digital campaigns for 10 years. Starting

in business development roles, and seeing

how much better he could perform through

digital channels, Ryan changed the way he

thought about helping partner organizations.

“I founded Epoch Digital because I noticed

how much more successful any organization

could be by using the power of technology

instead of being hindered by it.


I wanted there to be an agency option where

organizations weren’t charged because they

didn’t know how to do something

themselves, but because they knew they had

a reliable partner. I want to make sure that

we’re working through issues together, and

find digital solutions that make a real impact.”

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